Hosted GraphQL Backend for your React/Relay Apps

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Product Features
We provide you with a flexible GraphQL backend that just works.
Flexible Data Layer
We provide a flexible backend
including data storage and API hosting.
Instead of manually creating server endpoints,
just define your data model in our dashboard.
Already Familiar works with your favorite framework
including React, Angular and many more.
Take a look at one of our examples to see
how easy it is to get started.
Based on GraphQL
GraphQL is the successor of REST APIs
and a declarative way to fetch and update data.
It's perfect for teams and individual developers
and helped Facebook to scale easily.
Saves You Time
Get an API endpoint in less than a minute and
manage your data model in our dashboard.
No need to setup your own servers.
Just focus on what you love: Your product!
No Maintenance
We make sure your backend is up and running.
No need to think about backups or scaling.
No more getting up at 3am to fix critical bugs.
We take care of all of that.
Security is essential for every application.
Flexible permissions allow you to specify
who has access to which data and industry
standard encryption keeps your data safe.
How it works
Setup a backend in less than 5 minutes – no coding required

1. Define your data model

Define the structure of your data using
our intuitive model editor. You can easily
manage relationships between models
and setup access permissions.

2. Import/manage data

Import your existing data (CSV & JSON)
or add new data items by hand. Use our
simple data browser to manage your
data. No database knowledge needed.

3. Integrate with your app

Connect your app to our GraphQL
endpoint using Relay or other client
libraries. Everything works out of the box.
No further setup required.

We already have the answers for your questions.

Parse just shut down. Why should I bet on you?

Good question! Besides the fact that Parse was shut down by Facebook because of strategical reasons, we're embracing an open standard: GraphQL.
That means even in the very unlikely case of a shutdown you can still use exactly the same system. (Which is open source by the way.) So don't worry about vendor lockin.

How can I implement my server-side business logic?

We provide a powerful webhook system which lets you implement your custom business logic in a flexible way. You can choose any language/technology you want.
Here is an example.

How does user authentication work?

You can choose from a range of different authentication providers such as Auth0, Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively we provide a simple JWT based authentication system you can extend yourself. You can read more about it here.

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